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When creating a new chain or adding to an existing one, you will be able to choose between video and text messaging, we'll add more options as we go!

Our new messaging puts a focus on what you’ve come to love us for – video. Don’t worry, if you can’t send a video you can send images or text just like always!

) who suggests to editor Graydon Carter a premium web feature called "VF NSFW" ("Not Safe For Work") which would feature, , hot pix of VF cuties like Sebastian Junger "peeling off his wet suit after paddling class four rapids on the Futaleufu River in Chile"; steamy, scripted webisodes called "Ed Assts." showing VF's glossy young underlings Laguna Beach-style, hooking up in the copy room; and our personal favorite: "We also like the idea of a live video chat with a submissive Christopher Hitchens, where he would obey viewer commands.

And all your messages sync from one device to another so you can keep the conversation going on any device and on any platform.

oo Voo provides crystal-clear video chat so you can talk to the people who matter most anywhere and anytime - For FREE 💛 Are you looking to Face Time with more than one person or someone on a different device? Whether a 1-on-1 or a group chat, we allow you to chat with up to 8 friends at once. We’ve added the ability to leave them a video message they can view when they get the chance!

Now, we both agreed that neither of us would ever want to assume these kinky roles with life partners as they are mentally and emotionally demanding on both parties — but the rewards for each of us in regards to giving up and taking complete control are intoxicating.

Chains are a collection of short videos created by you, your friends, and all the other people on oo Voo.

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